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About Direct2play

Welcome to D2P.  We are a retail game code company, a market leader in online digital distribution and physical distribution.


Since our website launch in November 2011, we have remained dedicated to providing the best possible prices and fastest possible service for our customers

We have become well known for providing instant delivery. This enables customers to experience self-service. Simply buy the game, enter the key on it's associated download manager (such as Steam, Origin, etc...), and start downloading! It's that simple.

We care about our customers and will keep on providing best possible service we can


Are the digital games Genuine

Absolutely.  We source our games from leading interactive entertainment distributors, and do not condone piracy in any way. None of our activation codes are from illegal key-generators. Each code that is sent to each customer is unique and unused.  It authenticates with the official online systems of the game publisher such as Steam, Origin, etc... Giving you furthur assurance that you are buying a genuine game.