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Please read this page carefully to understand what come's next after we receive your payment.

1) If you are a new customer and this is your first purchase from Direct2Play.com Please read this:

  • After completing your payment you will receive an email notification with this subject " Direct2Play Phone/SMS Verification Required "
  • Please be sure you have this notification in your inbox or check your spam folder, open the email and click on the link to verify your account.
  • After verified your account by phone our system will automatic email you the product code you have order from us, sometime's the system select some transaction for manual verification if you did not receive your order in less then 5 mins that mean's your order has been selected to be review manually and it will take no more then 6 hours to be completed.
  • Sometimes when we manually verify an account we need to require additional information like ID verification depending of the risk level in your account.

2) If you are an existent customer and your order was not send in less then 5 min

  • Sometimes if the system check's the risk level and your account pass the risk level we will manually verify your account however if your account was already ID verified we will approved your order without asking you any other verification.
  • If your order was not send in less them 5 mins and you only have a phone verified account, we may require additional information to complete your order.
  • After your account get the max verification level which is the ID verified account and is older than 3 months you will not need to wait any more to receive your order after we receive your payment and is clear.

Frequently ask Questions:

1. I completed my payment and also completed my account verification by phone or sms and my order status still saying waitting staff aproval what that mean?

  • That mean's the system have selected your order for manual review and it will take arround 10 minutes to 6 hours to be completed.

2. I completed my payment and i did not receive any email?

  • If you are a new customer you should get a notification email where will ask you to verify your account by Phone or SMS, If you double check your email and even in your spam folder you didn't have any email with this subject " Direct2Play Phone/SMS Verification Required " please go to your account in Direct2Play.com and click on your purchase history and detail and it will see an image where you can click to verify your account.

3. I completed my payment i also completed my account verification by phone or sms and my order status says completed but i did not receive any email with my product key what i do?

  • Sometime's it can take 5 to 10 minutes maximum to have the email with the product key however if you still not receive any email please login your account in Direct2Play.com and on the top menu click on "Order History" them click on the order detail you want to see and you will find your product code + instruction also with a RESEND button in case you like to have a copy of the key in your email.

4. What happen's if i receive the request for ID verification and i do not want to send any ID.

  • We will refund your order and charge you an administrative fee of 10%, also depend of the risk level in your account we may decide if we need to ban your account or not.

5. What happen if i did not receive my order because i do not want to verify my account by phone or sms.

  • We will refund your order and charge you an administrative fee of 10%, also depend of the risk level in your account we may decide if we need to ban your account or not.


 How does it work?

Here we will explain step by step how it works.

How to purchase

1. You add an item to the cart (Multiple items also can be added)

2. When you are satisfied with your chosen items you will see on the top of our website a checkout button, this button

3. Will direct you to the checkout page where you can pay for items selected.

4. In the checkout page you will notice a couple of buttons (Pay Now, Empty Cart, Update Cart) and a discount coupon field

  • Pay Now: This button will direct you to the PayPal page where you confirm your payment.
  • Empty Cart: This button will empty your cart if you are not satisfied with the list of items chosen.
  • Update Cart: This button will update your items quantity that you have selected or changed while in checkout page.

Download Provider or Third party DRM:

For   Steam CD-Keys, you must download and register with their client Download Here, if you don't already have a steam account. Then once you login on their client, click Add a Game (Located in the bottom Left corner) -> Activate a Product on Steam. There type in your CD Key and the game will be activated and added to your Steam account game library.


For  EADM (Origin) CD-Keys, all you have to do is to download EA Download Manager Then start the program, sign in and then go to settings in the upper right corner -> Redeem Game Code and just enter the key provided by UG then click on Refresh games and the game will appear in your games list.


For  Retail games if you see this icon  download will be provided by publisher distribution system usually a fast and reliable download manager.
The same conditions apply for Blizzard games and Games for windows live etc...

But if you see this icon  no download will be provided. for these games you have to already own the DVD of the game or the content.


What do the icon mean ?

 Third party DRM: Steam        

 Scanned key from a retail box              

 Not a Steam game        

 You get your game key via email instantly

 Digital download or Third party DRM              

 No download available

 Game is region free     

 Game has multilanguage

 May inclunde more than one game or DLC´s

 Game is for US game server     

 Game is for EU game server

English language                      

 Third party DRM: Origin                 

 Third party DRM: UPlay

 Game is for Windows             

 Game is for Apple mac

 Third party DRM: Blizzard 

 Game time included 30 days  

 Game is global version region free and can be activate worldwide


How to receive the product

  • You pay for an item.
  • Your payment is being processed by our automated system.
  • When our system detects a completed and verified payment, an email will be dispatched to your email specified by you when you paid.

What about instructions

  • In the email that has been sent to you will contain in-depth instructions on how to activate your game
  • If a download is provided by us the email will contain the link where you can download directly on maximum speed
  • If you encounter low download speeds you can use various internet download managers like DAP, IDM or Flashget etc...
  • The download will be available for you to download multiple times even after you format your PC or buy a new one.
    You can also burn the downloaded content on a DVD and make a backup.

Methods of Payment

  • Currently we support PayPal + Credit cards, PayPal is a secured payment service with SSL encryption to protect your data.

More information

  • For more information and terms of use and conditions please click HERE and read carefully.
  • To contact us for any help needed please visit our Contact Us page for  Security & Reliability
  • Our website is protected by SSL and scanned daily for security threats.
  • Your personal orders and data is stored in our database for only two reasons, maintain orders and protect your CD-Key if you lost it so we can always provide it to you at any time.

 How do I sign in to this site? 

  • To sign in to your customer account, click log in on the menu bar and enter your e-mail address and password. If you do not have an account, please click Register on the menu bar. 

What if I forgot my password? 

  • If you have forgotten your password, click log in on the menu bar to access the log in screen. Click on the Forgot your password? link. On the password retrieval page, you may enter your e-mail address, and then click Get Password. We will send your password to the e-mail address we have on file for your account.

Do I have to register and sign in to purchase products? 

  • You have to be a registert user to purchase items. Once you have added a product to your cart and clicked the Checkout button, you will get redirect to to the registration page. 
  • The benefits of registering are that we can make your shopping experience easier by keeping track of billing and contact information in a fully-secured environment protected by SSL technology. Added benefits include a member profile page and the ability to view your account history with us.

How do I add an item to my shopping cart?

  • To add an item to your shopping cart, on the Product page enter the quantity you wish to purchase in the quantity field and then click Add to Cart. 

How I contact you if I have questions?

  • Please click Support on the menu bar to learn how to reach us regarding any questions or issues you may have. Feel free to contact us, or fill out the Contact Request form and we will contact you.

Where will be send the products?

  • We are sending all orders to the registered e-mail address

When will a bought Product Code be shipped?

  • Your Product Code will be shipped when the payment status is complete, always within 24 hours!

What to do when I'm not satisfied with your service?

  • Send us an E-mail stating the reason why you aint satisfied